With a breadth of experience and expertise, your Vivian Street Osteopaths team provide support for your whole family.

Andrew Lawson, Osteopath & Acupuncturist

In addition to completing a masters in osteopathy Andrew has a post graduate qualifications in acupuncture and exercise and health science.

Andrew’s competitive sporting background in rowing and bob-skeleton went up to international level. This gave him a lot of exposure to weight lifting and correct lifting technique. Injuries that he experienced during this time also exposed him to different therapy techniques. It is from this experience that Andrew is passionate about the way osteopathy and acupuncture can complement one another to provide an effective and painless approach for his patients.

Andrew enjoys working with all challenges that our bodies can present whatever your age, background, health or fitness level.

Berit Lawson, Osteopath

Originally from Austria, Berit trained at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine before moving to New Zealand. Berit enjoys working with people from all walks of life and believes that the body needs movement and vitality to maintain health and osteopathy is a fantastic way of establishing this.

Her particular interest in working with infants and pregnant women increased after becoming a mum of two. Helping babies and mums to work through those early difficulties postpartum is a big focus for Berit. “Little adjustments can often have a profound effect in little people”.

And after working with infants the natural progression is to work with children and adolescents. Finding a common language and making children feel at ease is paramount for Berit.

Having come from a physical background involving mountaineering, climbing and ski-touring, Berit also enjoys working with sportspeople. Berit believes empowering the patient is vital. She feels that having an understanding of how the body functions will enable every patient to understand their pain and how best to deal with them

Venla Kärki, Osteopath

Venla completed her Osteopathy degree in Sweden in May 2019 and has been practicing in Finland before coming to New Zealand. Before becoming an Osteopath Venla practiced as a Veterinary Surgeon for near 10 years.

She is passionate about helping people stay healthy, functional and pain free throughout their lives. Venla is driven to find the causing factor behind the symptoms and treat that instead of just taking care of the symptoms. She also shares Andrew and Berit’s philosophy about movement being a vital component in maintaining a healthy body.

She uses a variety of techniques in her treatments, but is most drawn to the softer techniques. Each treatment is modified to suit the patient.

Since her graduation she has already taken postgraduate courses in cranial techniques at the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy in England.

Sunita Torrance, Receptionist

Sunita is a local to Taranaki and spent some time living in Australia, USA and Canada. 2013 Sunita has settled back to New Plymouth and has been running her events and entertainment business, Flash Mob Entertainment and is heavily involved with the community particularly working with youth and is an ally and advocate for the rainbow community.

Sunita has a medical background having been involved with nursing, ambulance and first responder training and is enjoying returning to work the other side of her brain to compliment her performing and directing.