Your Vivian Street Osteopaths team, Berit and Andrew first met while at osteopathic college in London. Both had decided to retire early from their previous vocations in the performing arts and performance sport respectively, to pursue a career in osteopathy. For both this was like responding to a calling. A few years and two kids later Berit and Andrew have found the lifestyle that they have been seeking, here in Taranaki.

They share a common philosophy towards health that movement is key to maintaining the healthy codependence of the structure and function of the body. Understanding exactly how you move is the cornerstone to their approach. This then helps them to identify and improve areas of impaired function underlying your pain.

Both Berit and Andrew have a masters qualification in osteopathy, so they have a solid understanding of what health practices stand up to academic scrutiny. This ensures that you can receive current, up-to-date health advice and treatment.

Ultimately, when you become a patient with Vivian Street Osteopaths you can be assured that you are receiving great quality care by safe hands. Both Berit and Andrew will be working hard to ensure that you receive the best, timely resolution to your problem.  As they say, two heads are better than one.