Andrew is a very conscientious osteopath who can help straighten and loosen the parts of the body that need straightening and loosening! Things can so easily go a bit off in bodies and it is good to know Andrew can help when one is in need!
Cathy K

I had been suffering from chronic back pain for years before I met Berit. She truly changed my life around, I am now able to get around again all by myself, I can sleep again. Simply I have started enjoying life again. I am incredibly grateful for all the work she has done.
Tulela M

I am impressed and concerned that not enough people know of the enormous help they can get here! A lovely atmosphere in which to get top class treatment from two top class professionals.
Nola B

Berit is such a conscientious and joyful practitioner to experience. I can only highly recommend her services!
Kim N

I found Andrew to be highly skilled, professional and sympathetic. He quickly diagnosed an ankle problem in my daughter when conventional medicine failed to find a solution.  osteopathy proved to have very good results. I have every confidence in Andrew and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.
Claire G

I had been suffering from headaches and migraines since a long time and had seen various different practitioners before I found Berit. After the first treatment I realized the next morning that I suddenly woke without headache, something I couldn’t even remember when it had happened for the last time. Initially the headaches and neck pain came back, but after consistent treatment it finally took hold and still hasn’t come back.
Lauren R

Andrew has been my osteopath for over 2 years and I frequently recommend him to friends and training buddies at the gym. He is friendly, knowledgeable, flexible with appointments (especially in emergencies) and he is great at giving practical advice. He has treated me through dislocations, long term medical conditions and niggles caused by sitting at a desk all day.
It’s tricky to find a reliable, local osteopath, who fees are reasonable , so I’m happy to recommend Andrew for top to toe treatment.
Lucia R

Our baby would only scream and hardly sleep, after the first session with Berit he slept for the first time for 7 hours in a row. We had a few more treatments, his sleeping patterns had improved significantly and overall he was much happier.
Sophie L

Finding a good local osteopath can be quite stressful. I am fortunate to have found Andrew. He is effective, friendly and experienced. He gives advice about things to do between appointments to speed your recovery, and I can say that my neck/back problem has all but disappeared.  Thank  you  Andrew. I know just where to come to next time I have a problem.
Gary D

Our little wee girl would be fisting all the time, and never lie relaxed. After one treatment with Berit she lay flat on the bed, totally relaxed and happy. We had never seen her like that before, amazing!
Sam K

Dani makes you feel so comfortable and so good when you leave that you can’t wait to go back to her. I previously was visiting a chiropractor monthly as being a hairdresser I suffer
from back and muscle tension issues. Since seeing Danielle regularly I am now pain free and don’t have to see a chiropractor. Danielle is amazing she always diagnoses the muscles that need help. I totally love my relaxing time it’s such a treat.
Julie A

I had been suffering from chronic back problems and sciatic nerve pain for 2 years.  I had got to the point of desperation having visited about 6 other consultants, with no change to my symptoms.  I was extremely lucky to find Andrew, he was very professional, listened intently to my problems and was able to use unique skills/treatment to relieve my back pain over time.  Having been in a state of chronic pain for so long I had got to the point of thinking I would never get better, I really do owe getting my life back to full potential to Andrew.
Jane A

I was suffering with an extremely stiff and sore neck and shoulders and the pain travelled up into my skull. The treatment I received from Berit relieved this immensely. She took time to discuss and demonstrate exercises I now perform to strengthen and build good posture.
Having tried and failed with several other avenues of physical therapy, I would highly recommend Osteopathy and Berit as a skilled practitioner with an excellent patient rapport”. Stella Pye – North Shore, Auckland.
Stella P

I have had massages with Dani for several years and always feel so relaxed afterwards.  I have had shoulder problems on and off for a few years now and am so thankful to Dani as I always feel much better after her treatment.  I have
recommended Dani to friends because I know her service and massage is consistently of a high standard.
Yvette P