People often think of babies as perfect little beings – which, of course, they are. But that doesn’t mean their tiny bodies are immune to stress and tension. A Baby osteopath – that is, one trained in working with infants – has the skills to use gentle techniques to help ease the lingering effects of birth on your child’s body. 

Birth is one of the most stressful events in our lives. The forces placed on a baby during its journey out from the womb are enormous. A baby needs to twist, turn, and squeeze her way out of the womb as the uterus pushes her out against the natural resistance of the birth canal. A baby osteopath can help relieve the tension this leaves in a baby’s muscles. 


If you’re looking for an osteopath for kids, the team at Vivian Street Osteopaths can help. Our highly trained specialists are fully equipped with the skills and experience to offer targeted, gentle care for our littlest clients.

During birth, large amounts of forces go through the baby’s upper neck, which may compress and irritate the delicate nerves there. These nerves communicate with the skin, muscles, joints of the head and neck, and even the stomach and intestines. For this reason, when these nerves are placed under stress, other issues can develop throughout a baby’s tiny body, including issues related to feeding and sleep.

Physical discomfort can affect babies long before birth, too. During the end stage of pregnancy, the intrauterine space gets gradually more cramped, resulting in babies being held in uncomfortable positions over longer periods. 

Prolonged labour, ventouse or forceps deliveries, and c-sections all place additional stresses on infants, which can cause them to experience lots of aches and pains that can lead to difficulties feeding and sleeping. A baby osteopath has the skills to help relieve the pain at the root of your baby’s discomfort.

Can an osteopath help my baby?

Osteopathy focuses on treating the body as a whole unit. With their in-depth understanding of how stresses in the body are interconnected, a Baby Osteopath is a perfect specialist to help your child recover from the stress of childbirth. It’s worth considering taking your baby to see an osteopath for any of the following conditions:

  • Frequent crying
  • Difficulties with feeding
  • Difficulties with sleeping
  • Restrictions on movement
  • Developing a flat head
  • Slowness to crawl

Many of these issues can be traced back to tensions resulting from the stresses of childbirth. Tension in the neck can make babies unable to turn their heads in both directions, causing them to have difficulty breastfeeding. They may also develop wind and colic symptoms if they under-/over-feed and guzzle air. Tensions around the jaw, throat, and roof of the tongue may make it difficult for them to latch on and suckle, causing distress.
A tight neck and pelvis can make babies slow to crawl. A tight neck can also cause a baby to preferentially turn its head only one way when sleeping, causing a flat head to develop on one side.

Tongue and Lip Tie Assessment

We offer Tongue and Lip Tie Assessments and provide advise on how to best deal with them if present.

How can osteopathy help babies?

We use cranial osteopathy to treat both pregnant mothers and babies. This is a gentle, safe treatment that effectively tends to babies and removes tension in their tissues.

It focuses on the body rhythm known as ‘involuntary motion’ (IVM), which describes the collective rhythm of all the cyclic movements of the body functions. These can be felt throughout the body, but osteopaths often focus on the head as the position and movements of the bones of the skull influence IVM. 

An osteopath uses this rhythm to detect areas where the body tissues are ‘stuck’. They will then focus their treatment on these ‘stuck’ places. Using small, gentle movements, a baby osteopath can restore optimal balance and function to tissues, including the delicate tissues of a baby’s body. 

Is osteopathy safe for babies?

Osteopathy is absolutely safe for kids and babies. It is even suitable for newborns. The earlier a baby osteopath can treat a baby and help treat the lingering stresses of childbirth, the more effective the treatment will be in preventing long-term issues, improving a child’s welfare for the rest of their life.

The movements of cranial osteopathy are gentle, and should not hurt a baby as they work with the baby’s forces. A bigger issue is getting the baby to lie still!

Treatments for kids and babies usually make them very relaxed afterwards and see them sleeping well. Sometimes, they may be energetic after treatment but sleep well after. Rarely, a child may be unsettled after treatment, but this is usually temporary. Depending on the child, a baby may need several sessions with a baby osteopath before the issues from birth are resolved.

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