Headaches have a range of severity and can last minutes or up to days. They can even be debilitating to the point of causing immobility, and nausea.

Our osteopaths will first examine you to identify the cause of the headache. This will determine if the cause is something they are able to treat, or is more appropriate for medical referral. Most often headaches are treatable by an osteopath.

What causes headaches?

The most common form of headache originates from joint and muscular tension within the neck. They can also be caused by whiplash, eye strain, stress, sinusitis, migraines, poor posture and dehydration.

Dental caries or a misaligned jaw can also produce headaches. Our osteopaths are also trained to examine and treat jaw misalignment, and a clicky jaw.

How do we treat headaches?

Depending on the cause of your headache the treatment will be directed at loosening muscle tension and improving joint range of movement of either upper back, neck or jaw. Some cranial treatment may be appropriate for you.

ACC compensation

If you have an accident and you would like osteopathic treatment, you can come directly to the osteopathic clinic. You don’t need a doctors referral before coming to see us for treatment.

ACC helps by paying for part of the cost of each osteopathic treatment, which means you only have to pay $55 (normal price $85) for your subsidized treatment.

Please discuss with your Osteopath whether you are eligible for ACC.

Cancellation Policy

We require adequate notice if you wish to change or cancel your appointment.

If less then 24 hours notice is given and we are unable to fill the appointment a $45 cancellation fee will be incurred.

No shows will be charged at full price.


Treatment type:Cost:
New Patient, 45 Minutes$125
New Patient (ACC), 45 Minutes$85
Existing Patient, 30 Minutes$85
Existing Patient (ACC), 30 Minutes$55